I’ve grown cannabis for a good clip. Up until 2017 I used bottled nutrients exclusively, and just following directions to the T, I did quite well but learned only a little about how plants work. Until some new bottle came out it seemed there was a cap on how good I could eventually do, even if that cap was very high.

Gro-Kashi got me interested, very interested in organic gardening…

It all began with a photo of a mat of (streptomyces bacteria) mycellium crawling up a path of food-less peat towards it’s fodder, all in an effort to feed it’s plant buddy, whose roots were in food-less peat as well. At the top of the path was composted manure, and by looking the mycellium I considered that it was simply travelling along to find food for itself. I was wrong! The plant, though it’s roots had no available food surrounding them, was healthy and lush and vigorous.

The mycellium had built a highway to deliver the food needed by their companion plant, and by delivering food they were paid by the plant in sweet sweet exudates (SUGAR!).

So I googled Gro-Kashi… which led me to the Probiotic Farmers Alliance (PFA), which led me to Coots Mix, EM-1, “Teaming with Microbes”, Korean Natural Farming and Chris Trump, and just an obnoxious amount of organic gardening internet K-holery for many months. A successful supersoil garden outside last year and then many more months of study and contemplation I began my foray into Indoor No-Till.

What follows will be an accurate description of what I’ve tried, what has happened, what’s supposed to happen, and what I hope happens!

I enjoy gardening more than writing but I’ll make an effort to keep going!