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DR. MARY * JULY 20th 10-4 * MMJ CARDS

By Adam Meisler

ATTENTION MAINE RESIDENTS!   We are hosting a Medical Card event in Belfast on Saturday July 20th    Dr. Mary Callison from Budding Potentials will be here from 10 to 4.   Certifications are $125 and subsequent renewals are just $50.    We will be providing prepacked goodies to the first 20 new patients of…

No-Till? No Problem! No, wait a second… (Preface)

By Jimmy Britcliffe

I’ve grown cannabis for a good clip. Up until 2017 I used bottled nutrients exclusively, and just following directions to the T, I did quite well but learned only a little about how plants work. Until some new bottle came out it seemed there was a cap on how good I could eventually do, even…


By Adam Meisler

THE LOLLIPOP TREE Lollipops Lollipops Lollipops  Just Restocked The Lollipop Tree Pina Colada * Blueberry * Grape * Watermelon * Cherry * Root Beer * Bubble Gum & More  To hold flavors or quantities call ahead 207-424-2228

SIP’s (Sub Irrigated Planters)

By Jimmy Britcliffe

Sub irrigation is the process of watering plants from below, instead of above.  The sub irrigated planter works when you pour water into the fill tube and it flows down into a chamber of pipes below the soil. The water then wicks up into the soil as needed. The soil beds above contain our own organic mix and thousands…

Where To Get Your Maine Medical Marijuana Card.

By Adam Meisler

In December of 2018 the list of qualifying conditions was removed from the medical marijuana language. Any adult (18+) with a condition that is relieved  by the use of cannabis qualifies.  For now the only, and forever the best option for retail purchase is your local caregiver. Maine is still many months away from having…

Whats On Deck

By Adam Meisler

Grizzly Purple Kush Blue Lemon Thai Lilly Great White Shark X OG Kush  Grizzly Purple Kush is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa). It is well known for its high THC levels and powerful relaxing effect. Excellent for relief of stress, severe pain & sleep loss. Motarebel “Lemon Thai” X Motarebel “Toxic Blue” Blue…

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